Who We Are

We’re Calhoun, Thomson + Matza, LLP

Our office is located in Austin, Texas. What can we say? It’s a great place to live. While we are a locally based accounting firm, our reach is national and international. And our presence is growing geographically and professionally day by day.

What’s the best thing about choosing CT+M?

The confidence that comes from having great people on your side. We’re smart, experienced, dynamic and love what we do. With a firm grasp of your history, an eye on the day to day and a clear vision of your goals, we let you concentrate on what you do best. Be a great success.

Success is a magnet.

We hire talented people and give them an exceptional place to work in a wonderful place to live. We do remarkable work for great clients. Good things get said about us. The more clients and talented people hear about us, the more they want to work with us. The cycle starts again and we all grow and prosper. It all comes down to making strong and durable connections.

We keep things interesting.

We set high standards for service and work hard to exceed expectations. We provide an exceptional value for our clients. We challenge our team members to grow professionally and increase their competencies by providing them with a supportive, positive culture. We envision a dynamic and prosperous future for our clients, our team members and our firm and work tirelessly to realize it.

In a word…

Maybe it’s not a word. It’s the hopefulness of visions and the satisfaction of realizing them. The contagiousness of possibilities and passion. It’s about the security of partnerships and friendships in challenging times. It’s the ring of truth in good counsel. At Calhoun, Thomson + Matza, LLP we know it’s the confidence of having great people helping you achieve great things that make all the difference.

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